About Melinda…

Melinda Jones is an independent scholar, feminist human rights lawyer and disability advocate.

She has published 11 books and authored 20+ chapters in books. She has over 50 peer-reviewed articles covering topics such as racism, freedom of speech and racial hatred; the rights of people with disabilities; the rights of the child; inclusive education; and freedom of religion. Her current projects include the health rights of LGBTI children, the inclusion and human rights of people with disabilities and a study of the multifarious relationships between Judaism and disability.

The question Melinda has addressed consistently throughout her working life is how societies and communities address the position of vulnerable people and what best practices we can share and replicate to provide stronger more resilient inclusive communities.

Melinda previously taught Political Science and Politics at Latrobe and Melbourne Universities,  Law at Monash University and Legal Studies at Latrobe University. For the greatest part of her career, she taught Law at the University of New South Wales, was the Editor-in- Chief of the Australian Journal of Human Rights and the Director of the Australian Human Rights Centre.